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The yachting world is a very elitist area, which is the stuff of dreams of many people: indeed who has never dreamt of let itself fooled by the sea air, hair in the wind and sea spray in the nostrils? That is why you are more and more becoming seized by a passion for sailing. So come to find on our blog everything you need to satiate your passion.

Sailing blog

You decided to throw yourself into buying a boat but you do not know how to make your choice? You are a novice sailor and you need some advice to get better? You are an expert sailor and you want to share your tips and tricks with your fellows? So you are in the right place: as sailing lovers, we wanted to gather the biggest community possible on our blog. So you will be allowed to chat online with thousands of other enthusiasts like you, benefit from expert advice and share your experience. You will also find each day the latest sailing news, the classified ads to sell or buy a boat.

Sailing: where to begin

Sailing cannot be improvised, and you cannot become a perfect seafarer to the next overnight. First of all, you have to possess a specific license to be allowed to drive a boat. Some boats require this license, while other can be driven with no permit. However, we deeply advise you to have some lessons prior to launching an attack on the waves. You also have to determine your needs: do you want a small motorboat to go fishing a few days a year, or a big sailboat to spend your holidays out at sea? Once you know what you want, you will finally be able to make your choice among the miscellaneous boats available for rent or for sale.

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