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Information on boat and yacht rentals

Renting a yacht or a boat is everyone's dream! Prestige and luxury are at the rendezvous: engine power, good agility, comfort on board, spacious cabins ... With so much equipment, be certain that your cruise will be a success! Whether it is the yacht or the boat, it is suitable for long journeys, especially from one continent to another. So do not hesitate: Rent a yacht and a boat and the dream will become reality ! Here is how to rent a boat for you?

An economical solution

If you like the sea, but you are not near a port, you do not have too much time to go out at sea and you do not want to invest, you can choose to rent a boat.

The rental allows you to vary the activities. You can rent different types of boats depending on the type of nautical outings: fishing, water sports, navigation, getting closer to beaches, cruising a few days or a few weeks ... Professional skippers can accompany you for a guided tour or relay you on the conduct of the boat. If you can not navigate on your own, the skipper can drive for you.

What are the conditions for renting a boat

You must meet the following criteria:

• Being older than 18

• Have a credit card in your name

• Possess a boat license for a motorboat without skipper

How is the price of the boat fixed? What is the price displayed?

The rate shown is inclusive of all taxes, service charge included. Fuel is always extra. On some boats, rental options may be offered. The owner sets the price of his boat freely. If you rent over a long period, you can ask to make a special offer.

Prices are very variable because they depend on the type of boat rented. For example Samboat, the number 1 boat rental service offers to rent motorboats from 10 to over 20 meters in Lège-Cap-Ferret for a cost between 222 and 1 456 euros per day.

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