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Join in on the boat rentals with samboat here :

Samboat is a reliable alternative for a river location. An online service which has all the offshore destination opportunities. The rental boats between professional and private are now available on mobile. You can book your boat now or visit the basics and take inventory of the boat.

Samboat takes wave

Born in 2016, Samboat took the risk of exposing boats individuals on different ports of the world, but especially in Europe. A democratized market Samboat connects individual owners of the boat and rental customers the boat. The conditions are strict with renters because boats must be impeccable before take-off. An activity authorized by the city for the simple reason to democratize this market and enable all people to enjoy a stay on a cruise, or a few hours by boat, and even new for this year, the rental boat night.

The novelty of Samboat

The service opens here to people who do not have the skills to navigate by offering two new offers. SamBoat allows you to rent a motorboat or sailboat across Europe and cost. A market that is successful, for now, the agency has more than 8,000 boats in over 300 ports.

The advantages of Samboat

A nautical CV system allows the tenant to certify his experiences at sea. Add to the owner to enjoy the CV to accept or reject a rental. After each rental, the landlord and tenant are evaluated on each SamBoat. This will note the quality of the boat and the seriousness of the tenant. The settlement of the rent and security deposit are online totally secure. With this tool, you are assured of being paid. If you are not already covered for your rental business, you can purchase the optional insurance MAIF proposed by SamBoat.

The site saves hundreds of reservations per week, but most cases are people who come to select a pleasure boat.

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