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30 Novembre 2019 à 03h45 - 1537

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Designed to the highest standards, super yachts provide their customers with unforgettable comfort and luxurious living conditions: elegant interiors by the world's top designers, spacious lounges for relaxation and comfortable cabins equipped with everything they need.

Comfort and luxury

As a general rule, yachts offer a wide variety of water toys, inflatable boats and rafts. Here, everything will be on offer - from jet-skiing to the descent of large inflatable slides. Dive to the water's edge, glide over the waves with a jet pack or enjoy the serenity of floating in a transparent bottom kayak over the reefs. On a yacht, you can visit the most popular places for diving and fishing - the two most popular types of leisure activities among tourists.

The captain and his crew can recommend various excursions and attractions worth a visit. They can also organize special events for you, such as a picnic on the beach or a romantic dinner on the beach. There is enough space on board to spend a whole day sunbathing, watching a movie or relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

Good burrow food on the boat

As crew members are specifically selected for each flight, we offer a six-star service level from the beginning to the end of the trip. Even before the beginning of your charter, see this and we will prepare a program that takes into account all your personal preferences, so that every detail of the trip is fully in line with your plans. If you need additional members such as a masseur, coach, holistic therapy specialist or diving instructor, we can easily arrange this. The crown of your holiday on a yacht charter is, of course, a delicious cuisine from the best chefs.

Using mainly local ingredients, your chef will develop a unique menu for all tastes, which will match your preferences, and will certainly create a palette of flavors that will surprise even the most sophisticated gourmets

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